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Camp Glisson Workday

Event Chairs: Bill Nelson and Neal Houtz


Goldrush TU is excited to have the opportunity to partner with Camp Glisson
to build a Bath House for their Middle School Campers. 
Bath House:
The Bath House (see attachment) will be a 24' x 35' structure within the
Frontier Camp. The Bath House will support the current 8 Boy's and Girl's
Cabins within the Camp for rising 7-9 graders. Each cabin holds up to 8
campers and 2 counselors.
The main support posts are already in place. We will build out the structure
including the flooring, siding and roof. We will work in conjunction with a
plumber and will be overseen by David Stubblefield, The Camp Facility
Services Director.
Camp Glisson will provide necessary tools for us to use, but if you have any
of the following listed below, feel free to bring them, but make sure they
are well marked with your name.
1)      Nail Gun
2)      Level
3)      Compressor
4)      ..(what did I forget)
You will need to bring your own gloves and safety glasses if you have them.
You do not have to commit to every date. If you can make only one day, that
will make a difference!
Camp Glisson will provide lunch.
Let's have a lot of volunteers for this project and show Camp Glisson how
much we appreciate the use of their facilities for our meetings!
Any questions, reach out to Bill Nelson, nelson6688@gmail.com
<mailto:nelson6688@gmail.com> , 678.543.3009.
Best regards,
Bill Nelson
William G. Nelson MBA, MS, FLMI

April 27, 2018

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Bath House Construction 8:30 am 3:00 pm#1: Neal Houtz
#2: Mike Thornton
#3: Steve Roll
#4: Bill Nelson
#5: James Jones
#6: Deb Scott
#7: John Mauldin
#8: Fred Ruppel
#9: Frank Banks
#10: ken nichols
#11: Vincent Giordano